11 Best Matte Top Coats for Any Nail Polish (2018)

Oct 31,  · I've watched a lot of nail tutorials where that's how they get the matte affect, even combined with a shiny top coat for contrast but I have also seen people put matte polish on top of a gel or acrylic enhancement.

I've just never found a definitive answer before, so was just curious. Picking can rip up layers of your nails, weakening them. I like it a lot though.

Oct 31,  · I've watched a lot of nail tutorials where that's how they get the matte affect, even combined with a shiny top coat for contrast but I have also seen people put matte polish on top of a gel or acrylic enhancement.
Favorite matte top coat is the Hard Candy one, with the Essie matte top coat as a close second. Current favorite base coats are OPI nail envy, followed by CND Stickey. The holy trinity (okay so there's 4 things here) of manicures: OPI nail envy, followed by CND Stickey, then a Zoya polish for your color, and finally Poshe.
Oct 31,  · I've watched a lot of nail tutorials where that's how they get the matte affect, even combined with a shiny top coat for contrast but I have also seen people put matte polish on top of a gel or acrylic enhancement.
Dec 10,  · Subscribe if this channel even MATTErs to you: universities2017.ml ♡ Subscribe to my SECOND CHANNEL for no reason: universities2017.ml Author: Simply Nailogical.
Step 3. Then apply a second coat of nail lacquer, pulling color over the tips of the nails. Step 4. Seal, and protect with one coat of OPI Matte Top Coat, pulling it over the tips of the nails. Step 5. For a manicure that's dry to the touch in minutes, apply 2 drops of DripDry, Lacquer Drying Drops to each nail.
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matte top coat comparison matte nail trend Matte Top Coats Lets Compare. Find this Pin and more on Nails by Cami Ka. Matte nails just won't go away but for those whose interest in the whole matte nail look was low at best, check out some of the partial matte manis and nail art work.

Once they start to peel, soak them off. Soaking in acetone is drying to your skin and nails and the removal process can weaken or thin your nail bed. As I talked about in my Best Top Coats for Long Lasting Nail Polish article, top coats provide longevity to your manicure, protection from fading colors, and a high glossy shine.

When gel polish cures, it leaves a sticky residue on top which is totally normal. We have places to be and gel manicures already involve several steps so anything that saves time is fantastic. Secondly, alcohol is drying. Scrubbing your fingers with rubbing alcohol can lead to dry, splitting cuticles.

And lastly, old tacky gel top coats can interfere with nail art, especially nail art that involves chrome powders or flakies. With no wipe top coats, you can completely skip that last step.

The formula is easy to work with and goes on well. This is another no wipe top coat that works great with chrome powders. While curing times have a lot to do with the power of your lamp, the lacquers you choose does also have an affect. Chroma has staying power too and is great for preventing edge chipping at the tips of your nails. Gel II polishes, like this pink to purple color changing lacquer , are supposed to be easier to remove and gentler on your nails compared to other gel polishes.

Their No Cleanse Top Coat has a high, glossy finish that stays clear and maintains its shine for days longer than other gel top coats. Because the formula is specifically made to work with other Gel II polishes, this one will perform best when used with other Gel II products. The high gloss really showcases your polish. It is also one of the top coats with the longest curing times. The 15 milliliter bottle will last you a long time, but do be aware that shipping times have been known to also be long.

If you love having options, this package set of no wipe top coats is a good place to start. It goes on smoothly and mattifies well, but best of all, it actually lasts some matte topcoats weaken polishes, making them more likely to chip. Try it on top of her Cleopatra In New York polish. Black polish looks especially interesting matte. OPI took their signature nail strengthener for a matte spin, and it does both jobs well. The strengthening benefits bare nails most, so opt for a sparse glitter that makes a big statement, like the glitter side of Revlon's Nail Art Moon Candy in Supernova.

NYC's matte topcoat is one of the cheapest available, but with a ton of good reviews, it doesn't come at the cost of quality. We're getting good feelings from Deborah Lippmann's Happy Birthday glitter extravaganza.

Butter London's matte take probably comes in the classiest bottle, which is always an important factor. It also gives nails a velvety finish, which is definitely the best fabric a nail polish can resemble. The only con I have about this, not sure if it happened to anyone else, but I bought two Wet n' Wild polishes, a matte top coat and a coral pink. When I twisted open the top of the two bottles, both of the brushes and the lid were seperated making it really hard to open.

But besides that, it's works wonders. As for the tops, I've noticed this too, but I've always just screwed the top back and and tried reopening it. I always end up getting the brush back into the handle.

I have a love hate relationship with Seche Vite. Love that it dries fast but chips for me within two days, whether I wrap my tips or not. I get a solid 6 to 7 days with Essie plus it's so shiny. I'm not super into matte nail polish, I have a matte topcoat from Barry M which is pretty good and is fairly cheap. I use different base and too coats depending on what brand I am using, but my favorite top coat is Julep Oxygen Performance top coat silver bottle.

It's fast drying, ultra shinning and haven't noticed shrinkage. I also use OPI top coat, which gives me almost the same results, except that it doesn't have that shine. Dries fast, minimal shrinkage probably zero shrinkage for most people but my nail chemistry seems to be prone to shrinkage , and a very reasonable price.

I also really like Wet n Wild matte top coat, from their Wild Shine line. Very reasonable price, and performs just as well as any other I've used. For the European ladies only though, I'm afraid. INM Out the Door is my favorite. It dries extremely fast, it's shiny, it's consistent, and it doesn't get goopy like Seche does. My favorite base coat is Nail Envy, although I guess it's not really a base coat.

But I use it that way and it's my favorite! Sadly I haven't found a really good matte topcoat yet. I like the vinylux top coat. It prevents chipping for my manicures for close to a week, where as other top coats I'd be lucky with two days.. My favorite top coat is Poshe. It does smudge nail art, but if you're just doing a simple mani, it'll get the job done quick! It's pretty similar to Seche Vite, but minus some nasty solvents and doesn't get goopy quite as fast.

You can use the nail polish thinner from Sally's to thin it out unlike SV which needs the brand's special thinner. The holy trinity okay so there's 4 things here of manicures: I work a job where I constantly wear gloves and take them off and wash hands, and this combo lasted almost 2 weeks! I've tried a few other matte top coats, but Zoya's is amazing.

It goes on thin and smooth, unlike others that are really thick and streaky I think I tried NYC's matte before. It was the first base coat I really used and I do think it's ridge-filling is good without being thick. Deborah Lippmann's, "Addicted to Speed". The smell of Seche vite was way to strong for me, and was so thick so thick it ruined my mani even after using a nail polish thinner. Addicted to speed isn't as smelly, and doesn't get goopy. OTD was too thin for me. I've used it for about 4 months, and don't get any white flecks like my Essie matte top coat gave me after a few uses.

It's the Orly Bonder base coat, and oh my lanta! D my nails haven't chipped since I put it on. I got the Out The Door topcoat, this combo is fantastic! At my job I'm constantly washing my hands and using hand sanitizer. Usually after my shift, my entire mani would come off or be badly chipped. My nails have survived today with very minor chipping at the tips. She just launched her top coat at the end of last year.

I swear, it dries sooo fast! I did my nails and walked into the bedroom where my husband was and he hit me with a pillow being playful. My first reaction was to put my hands in front of my face, and then I was like "oh no! Super shiny, long lasting for someone who changes her nail polish frequently and it's not a bad price at all. She has sales too, so you can look out for those. I've tried a whole bunch of different ones. I like it a lot. I'm pretty much only buying indies lately, and I'm half way through this bottle.

I'm thinking of trying Stuck on Blu by Glisten and Glow. From what I've heard, it's won an award. Worth a try, I'd say. I really like it. Currently my favourite base coat is the Unt Peelable Basecoat. It is amazing for glitter. This one's better for nail art than Glossy Glam though due to the wider brush. I found it on clearance at a local store and it's been great so far. I've used it with a few different brands of polish with Seche Vite top coat and all have lasted much longer than with my other base coat.

Granted, I'm new to the polish world and don't have much experience with many base or top coats. I just haven't seen the Red Carpet brand mentioned here and was curious if anyone else had any experience with it. The only topcoat I've ever actually loved and repurchased is the nails inc 45 second top coat.

I never mess up my polish and it goes weeks without chipping. For matte coat I love the China glaze one. I just started using Lumos. It's amazing, the base coat goes on so super thin and dries almost instantly and the top cot is slightly thinner then seche vite. You still need to float the brush when applying it because it can pull your design if it's not completely dry similar to SV This is a pro product so I don't know where the public can purchase but my clients are dry and out the door in under 10 min.

I got it as a sample when I did my IBX nail repair training and now I'm thoroughly addicted and have purchased a second set even though I have two large refill bottles of SV in my cupboard. I've just bought OPI's matte top coat and I think the matte tone was as good as Essie's but it took forever to dry and I messed up my nail the one where I was trying it.

I love Jamberry's matte top coat, ultra shine top coat, and even shimmer top coat. I do prefer Orlys base coat tho. I feel like smoothness of Jamberrys doesn't facilitate a good hold.

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2. Cirque Colors Matte Look Top Coat

Nails Inc. Westminster Bridge Matte Effect Top Coat, $10, Sephora Photo: Image via Cozy Cog/Image via Cozy Cog NYC's matte topcoat is one of the cheapest available, but with a ton of good reviews. Dec 10,  · Subscribe if this channel even MATTErs to you: universities2017.ml ♡ Subscribe to my SECOND CHANNEL for no reason: universities2017.ml Author: Simply Nailogical. Wet n Wild Wild Shine Nail Color, Matte Top Coat fl oz (Pack of 3) Our best performing high gloss matte top coat offers you an BORN PRETTY 15ml Matte Top Coat Surface Glossy Oil Nail Polish Varnish. by Born Pretty. $ $ 4 Product Features time than general nail top coat.