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Mens Handkerchiefs. Find the perfect present or a special treat for yourself within our range of mens smart white cotton handkerchiefs featuring elegant detailing about the borders to stylish tartan handkerchiefs with a satinised feel, we have items to suit every taste and every occasion.
Men’s White Handkerchiefs. Are men’s white handkerchiefs a dying breed? When was the last time you saw a man with a white handkerchief? I thought about white handkerchiefs this weekend as I watched the Intern.. In the movie, one of the young interns asked Ben (older intern), why he always had a pocket handkerchief.
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Mens Handkerchiefs. Find the perfect present or a special treat for yourself within our range of mens smart white cotton handkerchiefs featuring elegant detailing about the borders to stylish tartan handkerchiefs with a satinised feel, we have items to suit every taste and every occasion.
Stylish and practical, our mens handkerchiefs are a great alternative to throwaway tissues. These percent cotton hankies come in sets of 7 or Gentlemen's % Cotton Handkerchiefs. Solid White HandkerchiefsThank You. I am very pleased with the white handkerchiefs I ordered. As a female I really prefer the ones I ordered/5(23).
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A stylish line of cotton handkerchiefs designed & monogrammed for men.. A handkerchief is a pocket staple and practical accessory that should be carried by every man. The HANK can be used to wipe a forehead on a hot day, to wipe a runny nose during cold season, to wrap up a snack for the road, to protect something fragile in your pocket, as an emergency tourniquet and a clean handkerchief can.

I would love that trend to come back. My dad still carries one of these. I was actually just thinking the other day about white handkerchiefts and how I never see anyone sing them anymore.

Brianna I have a feeling white handkerchiefs are going to make a come back. When it does I will be right here to report…LOL. However, it was really nice to have read some interesting information about these things, especially the different kinds and forms. Jessica so many of us have memories of our dads and grandpas carrying the famous white handkerchiefs.

Growing up with my grandparents in Spain, I can recall my grandfather always having a white handkerchief with him. There is just something so gallant about men back in the day being true gentlemen.

I think white handkerchiefs are still the best, men using handkerchiefs are the cutest. My hubby still uses a handkerchief. Wendy so did my father and grandfather. Many of the older gentlemen still carry white handkerchiefs. My older brother still carries a handerchief as does my mom. I think it would be nice for it to make a come back. Milena I think it would be nice too.

I am going to do my part to start teaching this to the young men at my church and see where it goes. I think when you became a dad, you will carry out things for your son instead.

Ryan…that is so true. All bets are off once we become parents. Well I hope you get a chance to teach him about the white handkerchiefs…LOL. I think a man with a white handkerchief looks lovely, neat and very manly. It really does add something extra to that suit. Very interesting ways to fold a handkerchief.

Lexie I would not say society no longer accepts it. I think most young men are not even aware of this. I can never leave the house with a handkerchief. Not a fan of whites, though. I prefer printed ones. I am totally the opposite, I definitely prefer the white…something magical about the white…LOL.

But, I never see anyone using them anymore, except for very formal occasions. They are all really cool. Heather that is so cool…I would really love to see them. Patty at some point in their lives boys need to know how to wear a suit before they need to…. Debra I smiled at the plaid handkerchiefs myself. It seems that this is the favourite one for farmers. It is true, it has been a long time since I have seen a guy with pocket squares and handkerchiefs.

I think they should wear them more often! Call me old fashioned. I still carry a handkerchief every day. Roy nothing old fashioned about that in my book.

I think it is a bold and fabulous move for any man to add handkerchiefs to their outfit. What a lovely post! My husband used to always have a handkerchief on him, and while I love the gentlemanly nature of it, I found the thought of washing them quite off putting.

Tania you had me smiling…. I am sure he would be only too thrilled. By the way, I really enjoyed that movie! Elizabeth I am glad you got to watch the movie.

Kids pretty much so what they see adults do for the most part so we have to teach them these things. Super cool article, I love handkerchiefs they are so classic and most gentleman use one that is characteristic of their personality. Adriana thank you so much for your kind words. Oh yes handkerchiefs add a sense of class to an outfit. I think they are great. Carrie I realize that it is the older men who still carry the while handkerchiefs.

We therefore have to start teaching this to our young men. My dad uses them! Although not as much lately, but if he is dressed up I can count on him having one in his pocket. Chastity and I can bet he looks all stately when he has added his white handkerchief.

It does something extra to that outfit. I too remember my grandfather using them. Reesa I did not even realize that until I saw the movie. I am going to be on the lookout each time I am out to see if I can spot any. My father uses these still. Ana I think most of is have memories of our fathers or grandfathers using the white handkerchief. Where has it disappeared to? I think I am going to find out. Ali I did not even remember that scene….

I watched that movie so long ago. I guess it was getting extinct from that time, we just did not realize it. Amy I still think so too…. Last year I was in the park and got something in my eye and this man offered me his hankie. That was so nice. Maybe more men are carrying then then you think. And I love cufflinks. My son thinks French Cuffs are the only way to go.

Michelle that may very well be true. I guess I might not be paying attention as I should. Oh yeah cuff links are fabulous too. I do feel like tissues are more sanitary, especially if dealing with strangers.

Michelle I most certainly would not want the hanky back if I gave it to someone to use. That much I can tell you. Definitely not anyone my age. I know my father has many still. It was just the way it was in the country. Rebecca it sure was a thing in the earlier years and I think it is something we should not allow to get lost. I love a man with a hankie but I married a rocker which I love even more! I never knew there were so many ways to fold them! I never thought about the history of the handkerchief until I read your post.

I can remember men in my church, especially the pastor using them. This was incredibly interesting! What an interesting post — for me it brings back memories.

And…believe it or not…I saw Robert Herjavec on Shark Tank offer his handkerchief recently to a young woman who was tearing on the show.

Carol I like that word…. Like I said to you elsewhere, this is something that I have not thought about in a while. However, now that you have brought up the subject — you are right, it has been awhile since I have seen a man wearing one. It looked so stately back then. Thanks for a wonderful reminder. Claudette the movie just brought back such great memories.

That white hankie really did look stately, no wonder it was a status symbol earlier on. I really enjoyed reading your post. And yes yes yes! The handkerchief should definitely come back. I love seeing a man all dressed up and debonair with a lady on the arm and with handkerchief.

Yes Rebecca many of our parents and grandparents never left home without them. I remember my dad ironing his white hankies. I love the style a handkerchief brings. But for an elegant decoration? I love a Man with a Hankie and My hubby loves them too, In fact he buys loads of them. This is perfect timing. It seems like this generation just has no reason to wear them maybe.

Suits are definitely not the style of the young men today for the most part. My dad did not really use one that I remember.

I love the look of the handkerchief and I enjoyed learning more about them. LOL Rachel… I could not bring myself to do it either. As I said they are so think that I fear it would be all over my hand and that is just too gross for me. I love the idea of handkerchiefs. My husband still wears one in his coat pocket from time to time, but he always carries a few sheets of kleenex in his pocket for the same purpose.

Whenever I need tissue or if he is present when I cry at a funeral, he has a handkerchief or tissue. What a cool post to read and learn more about this mens fashion statement! I never knew… but how cool. And yes, bring them back. Love the chic look of them. I want a guy from a Jane Austen book handing me his handkerchief with his initials on it ahhhh…. The last time I saw a man with one was my grandfather who passed away in He always had one on him but given his age, he was from an era that had a lot of class.

Kimberly you are right about the class thing…. I have in my drafts on my blog a post similar to this! My husband uses pocket squares but only when dressing up. Thanks this post was awesome if you ask me! I have Intern on my list to watch and now itis going to climb closer to the top of my list.

My Father in law still always carries a handkercheif. Well my dad is 70 and he still carries a pocket handkerchief. I am all about disposable tissues now if I am honest LOL. As for pocket squares, I see a lot of guys with them — white and other colors.

Very interesting post, I really need to watch this movie. Delaine, please watch it when you get a chance. It is supposed to be comedy but there were so many lessons that one could learn from that movie. Thank you for your kind words. My grandfather used to carry one. I do have very good memories of how handsome he looked with one tucked in his pocket: Jen that is what I was thinking to myself when I was watching the movie. Seems like so long ago this was the thing, now I can trying to think when was the last time I saw any such thing.

The handkerchief looks so classy until one needs to use it. My dad has one on uses it all the time and it looks nasty. Tara I would imagine that it would look nasty if it is not washed often. These are delicate so must be washed often. My dashing husband still carries a white kerchief every day! He learned from his dashing dad and uncle. Aaaaaaawwww Terri that is so sweet. I know you must be proud of him, I can hear it in your tone…Lovely.

I wish more men still carried handkerchiefs! I really think they are so debonaire! It is really so debonaire. I love your blog design. I like how you have the little pop up with the social media on the ads and it does not interrupt the reading and how you also reference where you found your sources!!

My dad still carries a handkerchief to this day. That being said, I do love the old fashioned ways and manners! I always enjoy learning new things! I do wish we could get back a little culture and class in society, though to be honest, the thought of carrying one of those around to blow your nose grosses me out just a little, lol.

Jessyca…LOL…I am with you with the blowing nose in a hanky too because they are usually so thin…. White hankies are classy and I think it should make a comeback. Inspiring Kitchen oh yes white hankies are indeed class and I would also love to see them come back. I think we can start the revolution. I am afraid to say that I have never actually seen a man that carried a white handkerchief.

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