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9months Maternity welcomes you aboard to 9 wonderful months of pregnancy fashion in style. Free Shipping in Malaysia. Shop for quality maternity wear and nursing clothes online.

After you cut all your pieces, this is what you should have:. Once I fit comfortably in them I will have several more items to rotate into my wardrobe without spending a penny. Our families have also rallied around us and we almost never have to buy clothes for either girl.

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My son is 11 months, and still wears months clothes and size 2 diapers, however his older brothers never wore bigger that a size 3. We use cloth diapers, because those small paper diapers do not hold what comes out of a 11 month old.
In the first few months of life, babies grow rapidly. Baby clothes months that seemed huge a week ago now fit snugly on your baby. Between spills and spitting up, parents have to change their baby's clothes .
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Others may even grow out of 3-month-sized clothes after only 1 month. So buy items in the 6-month or 1-year size to have on hand. It’s fine if some clothes are a little big.

Have you found a good, cheap source? I actually got mine at Target. I did go ahead and get nursing bras on the advice of everyone ever. The ugly nursing bras there are quite comfortable and supportive. The pretty ones there are itchy stabby torture devices. She also gets very excited to get a new bag of hand me downs from someone.

I relied on a lot of my really stretchy knit dresses, and it was perfect! The day before I went into labor, I have a picture of myself in a non-maternity knit shirt that I still wear.

And, I love that your daughter gets excited about hand-me-downs: Congratulations on your pregnancy! I am not on a clothing ban, but find it pointless to purchase many clothes during my pregnancy, I am currently 29 weeks with my first.

I just alternate every other day. I also recently had to purchase a new sports bra if I wanted to continue to work out through my third trimester. It has been unbelievable to see how much my body can change in such a short period of time! Enough to not have to buy anything, and as an added bonus, two of my sisters have plenty of baby clothes for me to borrow upon the arrival of my baby girl.

Congrats to you on your pregnancy too: You are certainly blessed with not having to spend a dime on clothes. Those maternity dresses are so nice! I realize that I just have way too much and in the process of doing some purging.

I know I need an intervention. It is important to feel like you look good when you are pregnant — especially in the those last couple of months.

The one trick we all did way back then was to slip a thick rubber band through the button hole of your regular jeans or pants and pull it through forming a loop out of the rubber band and use that loop to loop around the button on the pants. Good luck — I loved being pregnant and every minute of my children. Once again, so very happy for you and Mr. My current frugal clothing adventures include paring down my somewhat expanded body size so that I can return to my previous 1 size smaller pants and shirts that remain in my closet.

Once I fit comfortably in them I will have several more items to rotate into my wardrobe without spending a penny. We definitely were fortunate with that when our son was born…and for the most part, the clothes are in great condition because babies grow so fast. It probably is easier for a guy though. Craigslist is a great idea for maternity clothes!

I hope your pregnancy is going well so far, Mrs. I too put a stop to buying any clothes at the start of and still going strong! Unlike you, I was not fortunate to receive any hand me downs, so glad you were able to.

I also work from home most of the time, so that helped with the work clothes — and the times where I did travel or go into the office, you just had to be creative — I found dresses and jackets were the way to go! Many thanks for your good wishes! I love gathering tips on how you are accomplishing pregnancy with frugality! Also, the baguette reference — absolutely adorable! Although, planning for a baby is not in my immediate future it will be sometime soon. I have a colleague who browses the website Zulily.

I found this to be such an insightful thought: I am guilty of doing this both with clothing and food. I shop because it feels good and I eat because it feels good, and both need to stop. The emotional side is, I think, so much harder to surmount than the practical—at least for me! A little experiment, if you will.

Good luck to you in your journey on this front! For me, its been all about changing my mindset with regard to shopping and the idea of consumption in general. Although I do still want to take you thrift store shopping ;. The furniture was all repainted, bedding washed and reused, new mattresses though , all really nice stuff that other kids had grown out of.

We were so broke when she was born, her clothes were all stored in a cardboard box under her crib because all we could afford was a used crib. She grew up just fine. Sounds like your daughter is a lady after my own heart: We were visiting friends and told them I was pregnant. She immediately rushed upstairs and put together a paper shopping bag full of maternity clothes for me to borrow, just as other friends had done for her.

Those were on loan, and my sister-in-law mailed me all of her maternity clothes because she was done having kids. I had a friend who was pregnant about the same time as me; actually due 3 months after me. Around 7 or 8 months along I was sick of wearing the same things over and over.

She and I swapped some clothes, which refreshed my wardrobe and got me out of that funk. So if you can find a friend to swap with you can both take advantage of the two streams of hand-me-downs. As a Canadian I am wondering what happens when the baby comes?

Here in Canada you have to pay for a circumcision but there is no charge for labour and delivery and follow up appointments for mom and baby. After the baby arrives mom has a year of government paid maternity leave and her employer is required to hold her job. Men can take some paternity leave too. Maternity and paternity leave is largely dependent upon individual employers and the availability of short-term disability as well as the Family Medical Leave Act.

I am quite jealous of your system! When I got pregnant, I bought one pair of black pants and one black skirt and rotated them all week with some tops. Some of the tops and some of the dresses I wore until arond 8 months were non maternity clothes.

Our families have also rallied around us and we almost never have to buy clothes for either girl. We get plenty of new and used clothes delivered straight to our doorstep year round. We are, on one hand very lucky, and on another hand pretty smart to stick more or less JUST to those clothes.

No need to buy 20 outfits when we have plenty whether or not they are really our taste. Now, poor mom in law keeps sending me NEW items that I will not dress my girls in.

No, no, no, no. Teaching modesty starts now. Plus you have to button them at every diaper change. So I just exchanged an entire shipment of clothes for a Target gift card.

And, buttoned onesies do not seem like an easy idea at all. Seems like snaps are the way to go! One non-frugal thing I totally recommend to do at least once during your pregnancy is to get a prenatal massage.

Ideally after 30 weeks or so. Sounds like you made it through pretty frugally—buying just three things is super impressive!!! The most powerful idea for me in this post is the idea that goals should be a challenge. Way more fulfilling, and helps us boost our patience and thinking skills. We see this as very similar in practice to a shopping ban, a super frugal month, or some meditation practices. Major kudos to you for staying committed to not buying clothes even in the face of pregnancy and a new baby!

Thanks for the congrats! Like you, I used to shop at thrift stores often. I found really, really cool stuff, but it was still just too much stuff. I have since purged my closets and I still like to go to thrift stores, but I am much more sensible about buying anything. Hand me downs are the way to go! We love hand-me-downs here as well. Our youngest is a girl and I have bought maybe 1 thing a year for her since she was born and she will be 7 this fall.

Glad that you and Babywoods are doing so well!! My pregnancies are far, far in the past DKids are 27 and 23 , but I remember with gratitude all the people who lent me maternity clothes, baby clothes, etc. I am totally with you on consignment or thrift-shopping for kids. Such a better alternative to always buying new. Seems to be working well for them. I never had a flat abdomen, but now that I am a mom, it is even less flat. I own several pencil skirts and empire-waist dresses that now make me look like I am trying not-very-successfully to conceal a second-trimester pregnancy.

The baby is 3. Those are the two stores where a lady can generally find petite sizes. Belk has some, too, but only for petite grandmas.

I like the intentional approach—sounds like a great idea. Good luck to you in your search!! Word to the wise: I often buy them anyway because they are cute, inexpensive, and it is the only place where I can reliably find elastic-waist pants that actually fit my short, stocky tykes. How do get past peer and self pressure for wearing nice, new clothes? But, I ilke the idea of saving money, too.

As for your existing clothing, I can help with that, always having had to make due. I finally ditched a skirt that I wore in 12th grade after 10 yrs of use. Arm yourself with a pill buster, the battery operated ones work pretty good, Woolite, variety of thread colors, needle, scissors, heavy duty spray starch and iron.

Totally go over each piece of clothing, repair defects and if it looks shabby, donate to thrift store. Wash your delicates and flimsy clothes by hand in Woolite, air dry, iron according to fabric direction.

The rest of your clothing: Then use that spray starch and iron. New purchases, even thrift store finds: This is all fabulous advice from Greypaws! I heartily second the careful washing approach—I wash all of our nice clothes inside-out, in cold water, on the delicate cycle. Then, I hang them to air dry.

Not using the dryer is a wonderful way to ensure the longevity of your clothing—it helps it retain that crisp look for years longer. I find it much faster and easier to thrift shop, personally. As for getting past the peer pressure, I think for me its been about both lessening the importance I put into caring about what other people think you can see my post How I Let Go Of Caring What People Think for more.

Congrats on the bump! Both have actually been pretty amazing in my day-to-day comfort levels. Agreed that you should put aside the ban to get a few awesome bras. But a good nursing bra? I have two bravado bras I love. Funny you should mention nursing bras—that is in fact the one thing I do plan on buying: Where did you get yours? I bought mine via Amazon on recommendation from friends. I hang dry them. They feel like wearing a structured sports bra, honestly. Good coverage, easy to move around in, and really solid snaps for easy access nursing.

I did take them off for pumping. With pumping, I cut holes in a cheap sports bra to hold the cones. Medela cones are in two parts, so you can pull the cones apart in order to get them through the hole. And sometimes the hospital will give you free disposable ones or you can scout ones out — I got tons somehow between prenatal class and the hospital.

Destination Maternity, Motherhood, etc all have outlet stores and sales racks. If you want to try bras on, they have a better selection than Target. But if you can get away with that, more power to you. One more thing re: But you could wear the nursing bras near the end of pregnancy. Wait to buy them until the last 1. Our hospital did a prenatal class to get acquainted with how the hospital does stuff, and that was also worth the money. I for one HATE shopping and merely entering a mall or big box store gives me nausea.

Could you do a yard sale tips post at some point? I sense that rule 1 is get there early, which we did not do. Any other tips would be very welcome!! We typically try to arrive within the first hour of a sale. Amazingly some of it is still being passed around 8 years later.

The clothing is well traveled. You will eventually have to buy new bras and panties. Both your bustline and your hips will expand. Congrats on your pregnancy! Thanks so much for the congrats! Hand me downs are the best! I refused to call them hand me downs years ago when friends shared barely used, in like new condition maternity clothes or childrens clothes. Life has a huge learning curve and we are still learning better alternatives, even tho we are at the retirement portion of our life.

As badly as I feel for those folks, it is a huge reminder that you need make truly wise choices, consistently. So true about instant gratification. I consider frugality to be the ultimate long-play—it takes forethought and planning, but it really pays out in the end. Good for you with sticking to your clothes ban! Pretty much all of my clothes I do have were given to me, or I bought them using gift cards. Only ever using gift cards helped me to not buy them often AND gave me a pretty good excuse to update the wardrobe, at least yearly, which seemed like the most frugal and genius thing in the world at the time.

So true about gift cards! We definitely love cards to Home Depot and Amazon—imminently useful! Not sure that Frugal Hound will ever truly love baby hats, but we can and should certainly keep trying ;. Awesome work on not getting sucked into the marketing gravity-well that is baby stuff a similar category to the equally money hungry wedding spending. Who knows, perhaps when baby Z is on the way I will go into a whirl wind of purchasing designer socks and hats for my baby….

I doubt it somehow but who knows. In turn I bring my daughters to a lady I work with. As she gets older I occasionally find a shirt or hoodie I can fit into. One of the beautiful things about having a baby is how much stuff people want to give you. Honestly, maternity clothes and baby gear could almost be like that fruitcake that keeps getting handed down year to year! Thanks for continuing to be such an inspiration. Big love from your big sister. Way to go, Mrs. Baby Boy Disney bundle, age Months.

New York cabbie theme yellow tracksuit set. Long sleeve top, hoodie and bottoms. Posted with 2 working days of receiving payment. Very good used condition all from next size months Honest seller See picture for very small stain on white hello bear top. I will say these are pre-used but honestly. Tshirt and dungarees in very soft jersey.

In good but used condition. This states 9 months and is from USA. Will probably need another wash. All washed in non bio Uncle of baby boy month clothing suitable for Autumn, Winter and Spring. We are making room for our new Shirt, shorts and socks.

Brand new, never worn. Baby Boys Clothes Bundle Age month. Mix of many brands If any visible defects will al Baby Boy Clothing Bundle Months:

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